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Modifying a Complying Development Consent

To Modify a Complying Development Certificate Consent (Section 87 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act)

The following items need to be prepared and submitted for such types of development applications.

Lodging an Application to Modify Complying Development Certificate Consent (Section 87)

The following items need to be prepared and submitted for all Section 87 Applications.

Completed Application Form

When lodging an application you must submit a completed application form, along with:

·         consent from all the registered owners. If a company owns the property, the company stamp or seal is required. If the building is subject to a strata scheme, the owners' corporation seal and authorised signatures are required.

·         details of the proposed modification(s) and impact of change, as required.

Required Fees

Gundagai Shire Council is required to charge a statutory fee for the processing of applications to modify development consent (planning).  The fee depends on the category of application for consideration by Council. 

You can check the current Fees and Charges for this type of application by contacting Council's Planning, Health and Building on 6944 0200 for assistance. 

Lodgement Requirements

A section 87 application should include the completed form, fee, supporting documentation and three (3) sets of plans plus one A4 set of plans if the original plans are A0/A1 or A2 size, annotated to show changes and digital copy of the full application (see below).  Drawings must be to scale - normally at 1:100 - and suitably numbered and dated. They are to be folded to A4 size with the title block to the front.

Additional information may be required. Before lodging an application to modify consent, discussion with Council's Planning, Health and Building staff is advised. Inadequate information may lead to delays in the assessment of the application.