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Development Applications

Gundagai Shire Council seeks to actively encourage and assist developers whilst remaining committed to environmental sustainability and the preservation of areas and buildings of cultural and/or heritage significance.

Council is the approval body for all development applications.

Development applications other than residential construction certificates are recommended for approval by Council's Tourism and Development Committee which meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

There are now separate application forms for development applications (land use and planning only), construction certificate applications and complying development applications.  Council uses prescribed forms to comply with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.  They are available from the Shire Office.  The new forms are different from the previous white colour envelope style and Council's Planning, Health and Building staff can assist with completion of these forms. 

The new Gundagai Local Environmental Plan 2011 introduces new provisions in guiding future land use planning and development across the shire.  Pre Application meetings between applicant and staff are encouraged and record of meeting/s can be provided free of cost. 

No construction work can be undertaken until approval has been received for all applications

Plumbing and Drainage

From the 1st January 2013, NSW Fair Trading has become the single regulator for plumbing and drainage inspections for the state of NSW. In areas outside of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong, NSW Fair Trading delegates its powers, functions and r...

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Asbestos Removal and Planning Controls

Development Applications

Gundagai Shire Council ensures that specific standard conditions are applied to developments where it is known or reasonably suspected that asbestos will be recommended.

The aim of these c...

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Modifying a complying Development Consent

To Modify a Complying Development Certificate Consent (Section 87 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act)
The following items need to be prepared and submitted for such types of development applicatio...

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Modifying a Development Consent

To Modify a Development Consent (Section 96 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act)

The following items need to be prepared and submitted for such types of development applications.

Lodging ...

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Development Application - Detailed Info

Development applications (Planning and building) in the Gundagai Shire are governed by The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, various state planning policies and instruments and the Gundagai Local Environmental Plan 2011.

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Property Transaction Tax Obligations

For every property transaction you make, you need to think about tax implications.

Property transactions can be complex. To support taxpayers, the ATO has developed a range of publications that:

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