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Since 1994, all of the effluent from Council's sewage Treatment facility has been recycled onto the Gundagai Golf Course and neighbouring Football oval.

Council is mindful of the need to prevent contaminants from entering our water courses and the decision made several years ago to recycle the effluent has proven to be of great benefit to the environment.

The use of the effluent on these sports facilities has also proven to be a boost to the local tourism industry with the picturesque golf course attracting many visitors with its top class greens and fairways.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan 2014

Effluent Re-use Sustainability Reports and Monitoring Results

Click on the links below to download the monitoring results and reports.

Effluent Re-Use Sustainability Reports 2012

Effluent Re- Use Sustainability Reports 2013

Effluent Monitoring Results Feb 2014