Assistance to identify, order and plant native species was supplied by the local Gundagai Bushcare Group, Gundagai Regional Enhancement Group (GREG) and Gundagai Anglers Club. The Gundagai Golf Club was also involved in the project as the works bordered the golf course. The Project linked with other previous programs conducted by GREG, Gundagai Bushcare Group and the Anglers Club.

The project :

  • Removed willow and other exotic species from the riparian zone of Morley's Creek and Jones Creeks.
  • Re-established and restored native vegetation
  • Removed existing unnatural in-stream blockages to restore flow and fish passage.
  • Conducted an awareness raising program on urban weeds
  • Overall improved water quality.

An educational program on control of environment weeds was conducted as part of the project. These are weeds that may re-invest the site, many of which escape from urban gardens through birds, wind and stormwater.

Articles were published and can be downloaded from below, to assist urban gardeners make good plant 


Canary Island Date Palm 


Tree Lucrene

Pepper Tree

Radiata Pine




Cherry Plum

Box Elder