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13 Sep 2016 10:30 AM -

On the Wednesday 7 September 2016, the Governor of NSW, General The Honourable David Hurley, AC DSC (Ret’d), assented to the renaming of Gundagai Council as Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council.

 This follows the majority decision in July this year by the communities of Cootamundra and Gundagai to change the proclaimed name from Gundagai Council to Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council.

 Administrator Christine Ferguson said ‘Cootamundra -Gundagai Regional Council is a true reflection of the area that we encompass. Including both townships and reference to regional villages means our name now includes our entire community.  The approval of the name change is an important stage in the progression of our new Council.

 Council has achieved a great deal since being amalgamated in May this year.

 Council has received additional funding through a number of Government Initiatives and promoted significant funding opportunities for community groups through the Stronger Communities Fund.  

 We have established a Local Representative Committee (LRC) and Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) to serve as advisors to the Council and engage with our communities.

 We have implemented new plans, commenced resource sharing between staff and streamlined council systems to improve our level of service for residents.

 We now look forward to commencing a Corporate Branding and Community Engagement Projectwhich will result in the production of a professional, corporate identity for our new Council.  This project will include an extensive community engagement element to seek community input into our image and logo’.


29 Jun 2016 2:06 PM -

The Gundagai Council Community Grants program will allocate up to $1 million in grants to incorporated not-for-profit community groups, for projects that build more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local communities. This grant initiative forms part of the Stronger Communities funding that is now available to our newly created council as part of the NSW Government’s Fit for the Future reform program.


To be successful for funding, community projects must meet the following criteria:

1.      Deliver social, cultural, economic or environmental benefits to local communities

2.      Address an identified community priority

3.      Be well defined with a clear budget

4.      Demonstrate that any ongoing or recurrent costs of the project can be met by the community group once grant funding has been expensed

5.      The organisation must demonstrate the capacity to manage funds and deliver the project successfully


The maximum grant allocation available per project nomination is $50 000.

Applications will be assessed by a Fund Assessment Panel established by Gundagai Council. The assessment process should be complete by mid October 2016, with the Council announcement of successful organisations by expected in late October.


All applicants will be notified of the outcome in writing.

It is anticipated that GST will not be added to approved grants. Please identify and include GST in all relevant cash budget items when completing your application.

If your grant application is successful, your organisation will be required to supply an invoice.

Acquittal reporting on all funded projects will be a requirement of grant acceptance.

General queries can be directed to Cootamundra – Linda Wiles or Gundagai – Miriam Crane

Application Form 

Instructions:  Open the above link to the Application form and type in all required fields. 'Save As' to your own computer or USB if you wish to keep a partially completed application for a later date. When you have completed the document save, print or email your completed application to the details below. Contact the names above if you require any assistance.


Applications Close 5.00pm Friday 23 September 2016


Application Submission - Completed application forms need to be received at Gundagai Council by 5.00pm Friday, 23 September 2016.


Email (preferred):      
Attention – General Manager

Mail: Gundagai Council

Attention – General Manager

PO Box 420,


Hand Delivered to Council:    

Cootamundra - 81 Wallendoon Street, Cootamundra NSW 2590

Gundagai – 255 Sheridan Street, Gundagai NSW 2722

Draft Operational Plan 2016-17

17 Jun 2016 12:30 PM -

Gundagai Council's draft Operational Plan for 2016-17 is on public display.

The Draft Operational Plan includes Council’s budget and proposed fees and charges. The Plan will allow Gundagai Council to deliver on its commitments as outlined in each of the former Councils’ Delivery Program and Community Strategic Plan. The Draft Operational Plan is consistent with each of the former Council’s Draft Operational Plans and does not introduce any financial changes to residents and ratepayers.

Council invites submissions to be received by Tuesday 19th July 2016.

Submission may be:  Delivered to Council at the office in Cootamundra or Gundagai; Posted to The Interim General Manager, Gundagai Council, PO Box 420 Cootamundra. NSW 2590 or Emailed to (If you choose to email your submission, please phone us if you do not receive any acknowledgement, in order to confirm that the email was received.)

Draft Operational Plan


9 Jun 2016 11:12 AM -

Note: River flow levels arise from normal Water NSW river operations following significant inflows to Burrinjuck Dam, and are not the result of a water order that OEH or the Commonwealth has made. These flows are also well below the minor flood level. 

WATER NSW - Media Release

Draft Code of Meeting Practice

27 May 2016 12:12 PM -

Documents on Public Exhibition

The following policy is on Public Exhibition, and Gundagai Council is inviting feedback from ratepayers and residents.


All documents are available for review on Council’s websites and at Council’s offices, 81 Wallendoon St, Cootamundra and 255 Sheridan Street, Gundagai. Please contact the Council offices with any questions or for more information.


Draft Code of Meeting Practice


Council invites submissions to be received by Friday 8th July 2016.


The purpose of the Policy is to help Council run meetings in a way that contributes to good public decision-making, where decisions are based on sound and accurate information.


To make your submission to Council, you are required to do so in writing to Council by the advertised submission date. Submissions may be:

·          Delivered to Gundagai Council Office in Cootamundra or Gundagai.

·          Posted to The Interim General Manager, Gundagai Council, PO Box 420 Cootamundra NSW 2590

·          Emailed to

(If you choose to email your submission, please phone us if you do not receive any acknowledgement, in order to confirm that the email was received.)

Click here for the Draft Code of Meeting Practice

Ken Trethewey

Interim General Manager and

Proposed Amendment to LEP

19 Apr 2016 3:33 PM -

Gundagai Shire Council has resolved to prepare a Planning Proposal to amend the Gundagai Local Environmental Plan 2011 to introduce a Tourist Zone in parts of the Coolac Village. The proposal is to:

(i)                  Amend the land use table for the SP3 Tourist Zone by including in alphabetical order in item 3, permitted with consent the following additional uses: “emergency services facilities”, “Filming”, “Garden centre” and “Temporary structures”.

(ii)                Amend the land zone map – Sheet LZN_006B to detail the area to be encompassed by the SP3 Tourist zone and amend the lot size map – Sheet LSZ_006 to apply the existing minimum lot size of 1500m2 for the area across the full proposed tourist zone area.

A copy of the Planning Proposal, maps and associated documents may be inspected at Council’s office 255 Sheridan Street, Gundagai during office hours 8.30 am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, or are available for download below.

Any person may make a written submission on the Planning Proposal up until 5:00pm Friday 20 May 2016. Submissions should be addressed to the General Manager, Gundagai Shire Council, PO Box 34, GUNDAGAI  NSW  2722.

The Minister has delegated the plan making functions to the Council in regard to this matter. 

Planning Proposal

Written Authorisation to Exercise Delegation

Gateway Determination

Lot Zone Map LZN-006B

Lot Size Map LSZ-006


1 Dec 2015 2:36 PM -

NSW Health has advised that from today it is against the law to use an e-cigarette in a car while a child under the age of 16 is present.

Drivers caught breaking the law will be fined $250 by NSW Police who will have the power to issue on the spot fines.

Tracey Oakman, Director Public Health for Murrumbidgee Local Health District said the ban is part of a number of restrictions introduced in relation to the sale of e-cigarettes and accessories.

“These include a ban on the display and advertising of e-cigarettes and accessories, which also commences today, and a ban on the sale of these products to minors, which commenced on 1 September this year,” Ms Oakman said.

“The NSW Government has introduced these laws to protect children from any potential harms associated with e-cigarettes.”

A public education campaign is being undertaken to increase awareness in the community about the law banning the use of e-cigarettes in a car with children present, including radio traffic spots and social media posts.

NSW Health has also written to retailers and key industry organisations to raise awareness about the new bans regarding the display and advertising of e-cigarettes and accessories.

For further details call the Tobacco Information Line on 1800 357 412 or visit


17 Mar 2016 8:46 AM -


Friday 1 April, 2016

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Important dates to remember:

Friday 1 April - Registrations  CLOSE to attend and/or speak at the Gundagai, Cootamundra, Harden proposed merger Public Inquiry

Wednesday 6 April - Public Inquiry 10am to 1 pm at the Gundagai District Services Club

Friday 15 April at 5pm - Submissions CLOSE for the proposed Gundagai, Cootamundra, Harden merger 

Gundagai Mayor, Abb McAlister Media Release

Media Release 16 March 2016

Mayoral Email to Katrina Hodgkinson MP

Mayoral Email to Michael McCormack MP

Gundagai Shire Council's Submission to Delegate

Submission to Delegate

Reply to Gundagai's Application for Access to Government Information

Application for Access to Government Information

To lodge Your Submission go to the link below and scroll down. 

Gundagai Proposed Merger Community Survey - Report



Report on the NSW Government Merger Proposal: Cootamundra Shire Council and Gundagai Shire Council


The following reports present data and research pursuant to the Merger Proposal: Cootamundra Shire Council and Gundagai Shire Council.

Dr Drew's Final Report on Merger Proposal: Cootamundra Shire Council and Gundagai Shire Councils.

Dr Drew's Powerpoint Presentation for Public Meeting 28 Jan 2016

Dr Drew's Response to KPMG Assumptions for Gundagai

Gundagai Support required Fact Sheets

Our Council, Our Voice, Our Choice

6 Nov 2015 11:57 AM -

After last nights public meeting, with an overwhelming 480 in attendance, the community's resolution was unanimous:

"The Gundagai Community is resolutely committed to retaining Gundagai Shire Council in its current form.
The Gundagai Community call upon the State Government to listen to our Community, and not to undertake a forced amalgamation for our Shire."

Professor Joseph Drew - Report on Efficiency and Scale Projections arising from proposed amalgamations

Professor Joseph Drew - Report on IPART Assessments of Gundagai, Coolamon, Junee & Temora Councils

Public Meeting 10 November 7.30pm - Mayoral Message

How to help Save Gundagai Shire

Commitment with our neighbours:


4 Nov 2015 2:39 PM -

On the 11th November the ever growing Anzac Grove will be unveiling its latest development, the Korean War Monument.

Father Burnie will bless the monument during the service, with a meet and greet at 10am followed by the service starting at 11am.

A call goes out to all those who served and those who wish to pay their respects.

We welcome you with open arms.


1 Jul 2015 10:23 AM -
Gundagai Shire Council's submission to IPART under the Fit for The Future Program is now available for download.

Council is seeking endorsement as a Rural Council.

Gundagai Shire Rural Council Proposal

Attachment 1- Contexual Background
Attachment 2 - Working & Reserves Funds Budgets and Assumptions
Attachment 3 - Community Survey Data
Attachment 4 - Public Minutes & Reports
Attachment 5 - Local Print Media
Attachment 6 - Parliamentary Briefing Note
Attachment 7 - Achieving Strategic Capacity through Regional Collaboration
Attachment 8 - Communications TSC
Attachment 9 - Alliance Agreement
Attachment 10 - Action Plan 15/16

Changed Traffic Conditions for work on Snowy Mountains Highway

11 Jun 2015 11:23 AM -

Works on the Snowy Mountains Highway near the southbound off ramp to the Hume Highway are commencing on Monday 15 June 2015.

For full details of the media release by Katrina Hodgkinson, please click on the link below.

Media Release - Changed Traffic Cond's Snowy Mountains Hwy