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Note: The Mayor is Ex. Officio Member of all Committees.

Council can establish committees under s.355 of the Local Government Act 1993 to carry out a function on its behalf. Such committees are given delegated authority to undertake the care, control and management of Council's facilities, functions and/or assets. 

Council's current delegates for s.355 Committees for the year 2014/15 are listed below. These are reviewed every 12 months.

Main Street Committee: (meets as required)

Crs A. McAlister, M. Crane, P. Batey, R. Magnone, M. Kingwill, R. Moses,  General Manager; Director Engineering Services;  Manager Urban and Rural Services, and selected community representatives.

Mirrabooka Advisory Committee: (meets as required)

Crs A. McAlister, Neighbourhood Centre Manager; Council Librarian, Manager Urban & Rural Services.

Noxious Weeds Advisory Committee: (meets 2-3 times p.a.)

Crs D. Graham, M. Crane, M Kingwill; Manager Urban & Rural Services; Noxious Weeds Officer.

Saleyards Advisory Committee: (meets 3-4 times p.a.)

Crs D. Graham, M. Kingwill, M. Crane; Manager of Urban and Rural Services; Gundagai Associated Agent Representatives.

Policy, Administration, Assets & Budget Advisory Committee: (meets 3-4 times p.a.)

Crs A. McAlister, D. Graham, R. Magnone, R. Moses, P. Gain; Director of Corporate and Community Services; Finance Manager and other appropriate staff co-opted as required.

Internal Audit Committee: (meets 2-3 times p.a.)

Crs D Graham, R Magnone; two independent representatives from Coolamon Shire Council with support from Director Corporate & Community Services; Finance Manager, and Internal Auditor, Mr J Broadbent.

Development Committee: (meets first Tuesday of each month)

Crs A. McAlister, D. Graham, M. Crane, P. Batey, M. Kingwill, R. Moses, R. Magnone, P. Gain; General Manager; Manager Urban & Rural Services; Director Engineering Services 

Tourism Action Committee: (meets monthly)

Crs A. McAlister,  M. Kingwill; EDM M. Crane, with community members J. New; R. Lindley; J McPherson; J Morgan

Gundagai Floodplain Risk Management Committee: (meets as required)

Crs A. McAlister, R. Magnone, M. Kingwill; Director Engineering Services; Local S.E.S. Controller, Mr R. Tout; State Agency Representatives and two community representatives.

Senior Staff Review Committee: (meets as required)

Crs A. McAlister, D. Graham, P. Gain.

 Main Street Community Liaison Group: (meets monthly during constructive phase)

Crs A. McAlister, R. Magnone, General Manager, Director Engineering Services, Project Engineer and selected community representatives. 

Yarri Sculpture Fundraising Committee: (meets Monthly)

Crs A Mcalister, M. Kingwill, M Crane, Economic Development Manager, Executive Assistant and community representatives.


Riverina Eastern Regional Organization Of Councils (REROC): (meets 6 times p.a.)

Cr A. McAlister and General Manager

Gundagai Historical Museum:

Cr M Crane, R Moses


Gundagai Regional Enhancement Group (GREG)

Cr M. Kingwill, with Cr M. Crane as an alternate.


Gundagai Local Traffic Committee: (meets 4 times p.a.)

Crs A. McAlister, R. Magnone; the Director Engineer Services and Road Safety Officer as observers and representatives from Roads and Maritime Services, Police and the Member for Burrinjuck.


Gundagai Youth Council:

Crs Crane, Cr Kingwill; Council Librarian and Neighbourhood Centre Manager.


Murray Darling Association: (meets quarterly)

Cr M. Crane with Cr D. Graham as alternate with the General Manager as an observer.


Riverina Regional Library: (meets 3 times p.a.)

Cr P. Batey, and the General Manager; with Cr A. McAlister as an alternate.


RMS Consultative Committee: (meets 2 times p.a.)

Cr R. Moses, with Cr R. Magnone as alternate and the Director of Engineering Services.


Riverina Highlands Rural Fire Service Liaison Committee: (meets twice p.a.)

Cr M. Kingwill and the Director of Corporate & Community Services.


Softwoods Working Group: (meets quarterly)

Cr D. Graham, and Director Engineering Services. 


South West Region Waste Management Group (SWRWMG): (meets quarterly)

Cr M. Crane, with Cr R. Moses as alternate and Manager of Urban & Rural Services.


Gold Trails Inc:

Cr Batey and Economic Development Manager


Friends of Old Gundagai Gaol: ( meets as required)

Cr Batey, Cr Crane, Cr Gain 

Consultative Committee: (meets three times a year)

Cr Gain