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South Gundagai Cemetery

South Gundagai Cemetery is the town's oldest cemetery being in use before 1850.

At the South Gundagai Cemetery can be found the graves of many pioneers of the area, including early settler Peter Stuckey who died in 1859.

The cemetery also hosts a small natural treasure.

A short self-guided walking track curves through nearly one hectrare (ha) of Grassy White Box Woodland, an ecosystem of which only 75ha still exist today. This is only a tiny 0.05 percent of its original extent, which once ranged along the sheep/wheat belt all the way from Victoria to Queensland,

Small cemeteries are often host to such rare and diverse bushland remnants. As they are rarely grazed or disturbed, they may contain plants and animals not able to survive elsewhere. Here, over 80 species of native shrubs and wildflowers provide a spectacular floral display in spring and summer.