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North Gundagai Cemetery

North Gundagai General Cemetery began use in the late 1850's.

The Catholic section of North Cemetery attests to the substantial Irish migration of the 1840-50s. In the Anglican section, can be seen the headstones of Sergeant Parry, shot by Ben Hall's gang at Jugiong in 1864 and Constable Webb-Bowen who was fatally wounded in 1879 by Captain Moonlite's gang. The headstone of Moonlite himself who was reburied in this cemetery in 1995 can also be viewed.

Early graves provide evidence of the harshness of pioneer life, especially of the high infant mortality of the times. Many victims of the 1852 flood were also buried here.

The Gundagai Library has a monument index listing all the know and readable gravestones in the Gundagai area.