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Animal Management

Local councils are the authority responsible for implementing the Companion Animals Act.  Under the legislation councils have a range of responsibilities including planning, service provision, compliance and community education and enforcement.

Council rangers have compliance authorities including the seizing of animals, to issue on the spot penalties, to issue nuisance orders and to declare dogs dangerous / or impose restrictions.

Council rangers also manage other animal management matters under Section 124 of the Local Government Act including horses on land, birds and like. We work cooperatively with the rangers from both the NSW National Parks and Wildlife and the Local Land Services (formerly LHPA) to manage native animals, livestock and environmental pests and a variety of animal matters.

Pet Identification/Registration

The Companion Animal Act requires cats and dogs to be identified by microchip by the age of 12 weeks and then registered by the age of 6 months.

To microchip your pet, contact Gundagai Veterinary Clinic on 6944 1725.

To register your pet, visit Gundagai Council with your microchip identification form. Council must also site any documents which entitle you to a discount such as a pensioner concession card. If your pet is already desexed, please bring in the sterilization certificate.

For more information on microchipping and registering your cat or dog, click here

Dog Registration Fees for 2016/17( Life time)

·         $195 for an non desexed cat or dog

·         $53 for desexed dog or cat

·         $22 for eligible pensioners, only if the dog or cat is desexed

·         $53 for an animal that is not desexed and kept by a recognised breeder for breeding purposes

·         $26.50 for a desexed animal purchased from a Council pound or animal shelter

Change of Owner

Both the old owner and the new will need to fill in the form which can be picked up from council. The completed form should be handed back into council within 14 days of the change of ownership.


Change of Details

As the animal owner, it is your responsibility to keep all information up to date.

Please visit the council to update your records.